That Style Chick isn’t just a personal stylist. Nor is she just a piece of artificial intelligence making misguided fashion recommendations based merely on soulless algorithms. She is so much more than those two things combined.

She is the result of a real, qualified & experienced team of superstar stylists backed by an intelligent technology platform which has the capability to analyse hundreds of thousands of retail products & apply predictive learning models.

What comes from this marriage is a beautiful, easy-to-use Mobile App like no other on the market today. That Style Chick makes personalised recommendations tailored specifically for you, curated by a real personal stylist whose job is made more efficient by utilising the intelligent technology behind the App.

Who is Gabrielle Aitken Gibson?


The brains behind That Style Chick. She has style & substance. She is a professionally trained & experienced top class personal stylist, seasoned corporate professional with loads of IT marketing experience, entrepreneur, mummy & fashionista. The perfect combination to bring you a leading-edge Styling App offering hand-curated pieces for work, family life & play.

She loves fashion but is not defined by it. She tells her story through the clothes she wears. She loves to play with fashion just as a composer plays with musical notes. It is her outlet for creative expression, through which she channels her true essence into beautiful looks for herself & her clients. To her a shopping centre offers infinite potential for creativity. She cares not for labels but for that which she loves – luxe, less or luxe for less. Her look is elegant & classic. Her inspiration is the love she feels for her daughter, which is a reflection of the love she feels for herself – not her little self, her big, “any-thing’s possible” self.


I loved every minute of my styling session & I took away so much knowledge about how to dress for my shape. I now go shopping with purpose & I’ve had so many lovely comments about my new style - it’s amazing how different you feel when you’re dressing with confidence. Gabrielle is amazing, I’ve been recommending her to everyone!

Zoe McKenzie

It really is like having a personal stylist in your pocket. For someone who finds shopping time consuming & exhausting, That Style Chick completely turned things around for me. I now know exactly where to go to buy the items that work specifically for my body type. It's halved my shopping time & with a much better outcome!


Gabrielle took me through body shape tips, colouring & helped hone my signature style. She went through my wardrobe to come up with fresh outfit combo's, declutter what no longer works & identify gaps to invest. She was light, breezy, fun & had the perfect suggestions.

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